Strike a Pose

I thought I would get some proper photos of CH4RL13 now that he’s all put together. I even used a camera that’s not also a phone. Click here for the slideshow.

I’m still working on the software. He’s got a little bit of personality but I have plenty of ideas yet to implement.


- CH4RL13

Construction Photos

Getting closer!

I had my prototype at The Mill the other day and this dog was giving it a good look, but never messed with it.

This is what my robot might look like, kind of.

My mini robot works its way around the living room.

Make the Robot Smaller

In preparation for our Easter brunch I put together a miniature version of my robot, with the same brain, battery and wheels, and one sensor instead of three.

Putting it together took less than an hour, and programming it took a couple more. It ended up being pretty good at avoiding obstacles.

Since last night I’ve had this song in my head, but with “robot” replacing “logo”.

Make the Robot Bigger

I had a breakthrough last night as I was trying to figure out how all the robot parts are going to fit into the body I’m designing. The idea was simple: make the robot bigger. I somehow got it in my head early on in this project that I wanted the robot to have a 7” diameter. That’s pretty tiny considering everything I’m packing in there, so I decided to bump that up to 8”. That 14% increase in diameter yields an increase in horizontal area of over 30%. And it’s still not very big — I’ll be able to palm it with one hand.

This has greatly opened up my design and simplified the geometry involved. 

By the way, the laser class was very informative and my little test cuts went well. I’ll need to do just a little more testing before trying to cut finished pieces.

Checking In

I’ve had a little time to work on my robot chassis design, but not nearly enough. I’ll post some more Google Sketchup designs next week for sure. Early indications are that it will be bitchin’.

Tonight I take the Basic Skills & Safety (BSS) class for the Epilog Helix 60w CO2 laser at The Mill. I hope to learn more about the laser’s capabilities and limitations, especially with regard to 3mm blue-tinted translucent acrylic sheeting.

I’ve also swapped out my white breadboard for a clear version, seen below…